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The bracelets are made with natural elements and their use by the Ameridians of the Amazon forest, the Andean Cordillera, and the Tierra del Fuego has been ritual and ornamental for thousands of years. These singular, colorful amulets are handcrafted, and each of them conceals a particular significance. They are composed by seeds, shells, stones, and other elements from the forest.
Some of these bracelets are still worn today by the members of the various tribes as important amulets or symbols of good fortune. Kayapo (Brazil), Yanomami, Piaroa (Venezuela) Shipibo (Peru) and different ethnic groups in South America.
Indigenous people often use tobacco and yopo (hallucinogenic substance) during their ritual ceremonies. The use of these stimulants allows the natives to come in contact with the supernatural world, to treat diseases, and to transfer their ancestral memory.

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