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For millennia, the rural cultures of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia and Siberia, have seen bracelets and necklaces, as evidence to form an accurate interpretation and full of mystical meanings. They are used by the monks, animists, shamans and nomadic tribes of the Himalayan region. Handmade charms are unique and very personal.

The Theng Ngnà tutelary bracelets are also known as: Ga’u, Chos skyong sgrog gDung, Lackpa taya, dzi or Thog chags Norbu.This charms are made with variations in the order of the materials. Some of them consist of: rock crystal ,bodhi tree (ficus religiosa), glass beads, coral, shell, amber, agate, turquoise, dzi stones, yak bone, lapis lazuli, three metals and a secret element.

Rural cultures of Tibet, Nepal, Ladakh, Bhutan and Mongolia, have given these bracelets an important task for their personal protection, full of mystical meanings.


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