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Ritual Amulets offers a wide selection of ethnographic art, rare handworks realized by the indigenous and rural peoples of the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Artefacts made with natural elements, wood, bone, fabric, metal, stone, and ceramic. Objects made of bone, wood, fabric, metal, ceramic and stone-carved by skilled craftsmen representing centuries and millennia of indigenous ancestral consciousness. Each of these objects is a clear example of spiritual respect, ritual and great mastery for the culture it represents. Researches who like exploring the territories of the shamans and the last pristine forests offer us authentic ritual art collections a religious nature. In certain cultures of the planet, mythological creatures materialize in the form of half human and half-animal beings engraved on masks,. Amulets, sculptures, bracelets, necklaces, feathers, images and symbols. Rare and original objects, contemporany or ancient but always with a great artistic value.

Masks, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea, 2010

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Every item is guaranteed to be the one shown in the images
we sell mostly antiques and collectibles, which will usually have the normal wear that you would expect to occur from normal use and age.
You are guaranteed that the images accurately represent the item we’re offering. If you need any additional images, please email us.

We offer  only genuine original items
We do our very best to accurately represent each and every item we sell. We do not sell fakes or reproductions of any kind, unless they are clearly described as such.
we guarantee every item must to be authentic, and made in the time period as represented.


Ritual Amulets speaks a universal language, with its mixture of culture, art, music, and folklore, it evokes the strong bond that joins all human beings and embraces the most ancient originary traditions, thus transforming cultural syncretism in a sentiment of unity. Ritual Amulets unconditionally guarantees the authenticity of its object.
– Condition Reports and provenance are available upon request.
– To ensure quality and authenticity we make a carefully control for each piece with experts for cultures, laboratories of dating and connoisseurs of historical relevance.
– Our objects, some antiques other most recent ones, are realized by hand; they are pieces of personal, decorative and spiritual use. Under no circumstances they correspond to tourist handicraft, and neither they are manufactured in series.
– The shipping of the object will be carried out individually by the appropriate freight currier. For request to countries out Europe, the shipment expenses will be calculated according to postage prices of the departure territory. The Shipping to the U.S. and Europe will be made by Standard Postal delivery. Other shipping methods are available, including Priority Mail & DHL / UPS etc…. Could be paid by the buyer. We will answer to all your questions by e-mail. info@ritualamulets.com (Some objects of historical and cultural importance are only in exposure, not available for sale.)

The ancient amulets are becoming more and more difficult to find, they are rare and precious objects. They are symbols of the spiritual culture of the planet. We offer a selection of antiques, some are old and others more recent. We can give some information about the place of construction, age, provenance and spiritual significance. Most of our items are found thanks to specialized researchers have been surveying the antique markets in Europe, travelers in indigenous communities or rural villages and collectors from the different parts of planet.

Ethnographic art objects

How are objects that possess in itself, a greater charge of Mana and therefore are more powerful, both for good and for bad, the same thing can be said of people. The fascination or revulsion that arouse in us certain individuals only see them, is another proof that the spiritual and mysterious of which we are investigating at the natives, is not so far from us as we dare to believe.


What distinguishes one civilization to another is the fact that each has a common basis in order to organize their thoughts, hence also a common vision of the world that blends more or less customs, traditions, beliefs, habits, ways of life and behavior.