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Life manifests itself in different ways but with the same power in all that we know, stones, wood, metals, crystals, minerals, animals and planets. We are all formed from the same chemicals, but also by the same energy. There is a dimension of the life of every person who is not just limited to ‘interiority but is, spiritually and scientifically, the same size of’ entire universe. From times immemorial, indigenous cultures and rural areas of the earth have important meanings given to everything that makes up our world, the various companies; invisible, tangible and cosmogony. Far from superstitions, proselytizing, disbelief, deception or fanaticism our items selection offer short notions that popular culture, faith and the traditional way of life to recognize these particular objects, the importance of the information passed down for centuries and arrive to this day. Many of these notions derived from the wisdom of native have been rediscovered and explained by mainstream science, others are still in the ‘unknown, in the belief that ancestral impetuous waiting patiently to emerge from the darkness of time and ignorance.

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