ANCESTRAL Rituals and Shamanic Healing Sounds – NEW MUSICAL PROJECT

Un concept musicale che fonde canti indigeni, melodie sacre, suggestioni vibrazionali, suoni della natura, mantra buddisti e antichi rituali,
volti ad elevare la nostra coscienza individuale.

ANCESTRAL è un viaggio alla ricerca della nostra vera essenza.
Un progetto pluriculturale che innalza la saggezza primigenia, evoca la realtà soggettiva per mostrarci il cuore cosmico della pachamama.

Il culto degli antenati e le antiche credenze animiste accompagnano da sempre l’umanità. I potenti Dei del pantheon tribale sono ancora rispettati in lontani luoghi del pianeta, quotidianamente invocati da milioni di persone con riti ancestrali e cerimonie secolari.

Lo sciamano manifesta il suono primordiale, ci guida verso
il viaggio interiore per comprendere ed sperimentare l’amore e la fede come sentimenti indispensabili per il bene fisico e spirituale.

La civiltà odierna è in grado di riconquistare la forza, l’ottimismo
e la speranza per trascendere verso stati dimensionali più elevati.

Il culto degli antenati e le antiche credenze animiste accompagnano
da sempre l’umanità. I potenti Dei del pantheon tribale sono ancora rispettati in lontani luoghi del pianeta, quotidianamente invocati da milioni di persone con riti ancestrali e cerimonie secolari.

Produced by H. Antoni Carvajal for Networld Music / Self Italia

Shaman Sessions 70 minuti di Canti, Meditazione, suoni della natura, Musiche dei popoli originari, ultimi Sciamani Indigeni della Siberia, Amazzonia, Papua, Borneo, Cordigliera delle Ande,
Himalaya, Australasia, nativi Lacota Sioux, Maya, Maori e della Giungla Africana.

INFOS and PRE-ORDERS: promo@self.it – info@networldmusic.com
info@sangredeamerica.org – info@ritualamulets.com

The Real Power Of Intangible

tibet_the_lastTHE REAL POWER OF INTANGIBLE a call to our mystical spirit, adventurous evocative,a true story .
Traveling through 40 countries, an unprecedented vision of creation.
We listen to testimony of hundred indigenous shamans , voices, sounds and vibrations towards a new consciousness of the world .Many languages and a single global thinking we are not alone …others are with us always!!

Sangre De America (Blood of America)

afromerindios_dvdThe AFROAMERINDIOS book/etnographic music album and documentary explain: the Mayas believed that the world had already been destroyed four times; the first time by water,the second time by wind,the third time by fire and last time by eart.The modern researchers suggest it is not a prophecy, but a severe warning; maybe it is no to late to change the course of history. esential documentary, mystic images and good music, high recomended. The concept explores the questions of afroamerindios (blacks and indios) people, yesterday and today. Hildegard Antoni Carvajal talking about the european violence ruled in name of Christ, mayan prophecies, unknown land and more about tha Latin American social situation. Obama & Chavez? if we observe what is happening today in the world, there is an ancient and deep bond between Africa and native America. The author offer a new point of view about the history of the conquest, filosophy and ancient traditions of the last indigenous people in the new world. Africa in America a mistical memory since of begining of time.

PACIFIC PARADISE ethno mystical sound around the world

film_pacific_paradiseThis exciting film project and musical travels across 5 continents unites people with spiritual mysticism with sensibility and embraces the more remote natives traditions. A DVD & CD “concept” with ethnic sounds, suggestions electroniche folklore and traditional cultural syncretism that transforms into a feeling of union. Images set in remote places of the world such as New Guinea, the Sulawesi Jungle, Amazon, Central America, south Pacific, the Andean cordillera, Africa and Asia. Pacific Paradise supports the foundation sangre de america www.sangredeamerica.org, non-profit organization that fights against the violent irruption of “Civilization” in the natural places of ‘humanity and the extinction of the indigenous culture and rural, the only guardians of the last primary forests of planet.

TIBET – The Last Voices From Himalaya

tibet_the_lastPowered by Venezuelan H. Antoni Carvajal this project combines Himalayan folklore, mystical cadences and original images together with the story of the exile of the Dalai Lama (March 10, -1959). An album with different mantras and songs chanting by Tibetan Buddhist monks. Spirit of Hope is the first single from the album. Tibet The Last Voices From Himalaya, is a concept produced by sangredeamerica.org in support of tibetan children’s villages. The audio-visual project includes a DVD documentary, a book illustrated with 285 color pages and a wonderful musical suite with 17 original songs performed by artists from Tibet, Myanmar, India, Nepal and Buhtan. A journey through the peaceful rural tradition that brings us back to the myths, stories and legends. This project is a hymn to hope that reveals the spiritual essence of Buddhism.

Tangaroa The Ocean God

MAORI Ritual of Ranginui the Father Sky and Papatuanuku the mother earth in response to Tsunami Spirit and humanities lack respect for Tangaroa and his ocean realm. The song is a shock to the system appropriate for our time (of dont stop contamination) but based on the past. Thismusic video of Tiki Taane was filmed in in the south pacific, blends images with a deep spiritual knowledge,redeeming the ancient belief to overcame failings of the contemporary world. Tiki father composed the following Haka ,(invocation-prayer) for Tangaroa,channelling the soul of the God as for a change. The sea is often considered to be the source and foundation of all life, but Maori God of the water continent can also be destructive. H.Antoni Carvajal/ www.sangredeamerica.org