Oceania Art Gallery Necklaces

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Throughout the territory of Oceania, you can find creative works realized by the native people of the Pacific Islands and Australia, included the furthest areas of Hawaii, Easter Island, and Papua New Guinea. In particular, we are referring to the sculptors of the various groups of people who reside in these territory, in the course of two different historical periods. This tribal art still reaches the remotest islands. The ancestors of the folk living in this area came from south-east Asia.

The shamanism is a set of traditional believes and practices related to the communication with the spiritual world. The shaman is a physician for spirit and matter, he uses the ancestral knowledge of his forefathers and the power of nature to transfer the might of the different entities governing the invisible and disclosing themselves in the natural elements. Amulets and rites are part of this belief in all the indigenous people on earth.

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