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The ancient Naga culture has undergone repression and indifference of the civilized world. The Hindu Government has divided their villages into four areas (Manipur, Assam, Nagaland and Aruchal Pradesh) in the first three, the ethnic Nagas is a repressed minority. The Nagas speak different dialects, is a culture based on values ​​such as generosity, is equality. Each village is independent and follows its own law of honesty. The story about the origins of the naga is not exhaustive, but the people of the king snake appears in the early teachings of the Buddha. In some texts of Shakyamuni, is reminiscent of the “daughters of the king of the Nagas’, mighty men who followed the religion of their ancestors. The Naga culture is very old. Sanskrit manuscripts describe the proud inhabitants of a sub-Himalayan region who had tanned skin, a mixture of blood Mongolian, Tibetan and Burmese, brave warriors who wore amulets for their protection is needed.

Naga amulets are mainly red and yellow, made with cloves, metal, wood, stone and natural fibers. The eye Naga is one of the most rare and valuable stone amulets for this people, is a stone that is found in riverbeds and caves of the Mekong that runs through the territory of Thailand, Burma and Laos.

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