Sangre De America (Blood of America)

afromerindios_dvdThe AFROAMERINDIOS book/etnographic music album and documentary explain: the Mayas believed that the world had already been destroyed four times; the first time by water,the second time by wind,the third time by fire and last time by eart.The modern researchers suggest it is not a prophecy, but a severe warning; maybe it is no to late to change the course of history. esential documentary, mystic images and good music, high recomended. The concept explores the questions of afroamerindios (blacks and indios) people, yesterday and today. Hildegard Antoni Carvajal talking about the european violence ruled in name of Christ, mayan prophecies, unknown land and more about tha Latin American social situation. Obama & Chavez? if we observe what is happening today in the world, there is an ancient and deep bond between Africa and native America. The author offer a new point of view about the history of the conquest, filosophy and ancient traditions of the last indigenous people in the new world. Africa in America a mistical memory since of begining of time.

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