The ancestral knowledge from Tibet to the Andes

In his first trip to South America, the fourteenth Dalai Lama and his personal astrologer Lama Lodro met two Andean shamans of Peru and Bolivia, the ancient tales of the old Tibetan shaman healers referring to a place hidden away between the mountains of the South American continent, a place of high energy similar to their land, they spoke of the powerful keepers of knowledge and a spiritual culture similar to Bon (pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet). Thanks to the translators, the Dalai Lama and indigenous healers descendants of the Inca people, had a long conversation and the exchange of gifts and amulets, on that occasion, the Dalai Lama say:


“We all have in common the ultimate teaching that resides in the supreme deity of the visible sky, and where they shine the shapes of perfect beings, the 28 mysterious guides, the magnitude of constellations. The universe can be understood only by those who live in harmony with creation, meditate, listen to him and can sense hostile and friendly forces of nature. “