amulets3 (2)Ancient sacred texts such as the Sutra of Omnipresence refer to “five poisonous eyes of evil,” bad thoughts and traps of jealousy. He asserts that “the strategy of ‘ eye for an eye” revenge, would be the cause that would create bad karma . It is believed that objects such as agate Dzi beads , necklaces made of turquoise , coral, amber etc . adorned the most important and revered statues. Cosmology and Buddhist teachings on ‘ soul explain that it is the substance of the human spiritual , higher , eternal and unchanging , identical to the “I” . The ‘ soul decreed the act of nature , the same nature and its elements provide strength and protection. Shamans Himalayan state that nature has a conscience and their own business , and energy forms in the universe . The components of Theng ngna ‘ are unintelligent and can not have their own will , therefore , there must be a cause them awakenings , making them active , making trigger the potential inherent in each stone or metal. The act of this cause is the ‘ intention of those who gave shape, the sound vibration of his prayers in the ‘ geographical environment . The cause that gives rise to the energy of ‘ object relates to the interaction between soul and nature, creator of the object and the wearer . With its symbolism , an amulet reminds us of the way we want to follow , what we want to happen in our lives, encourages us to persevere in achieving our goal. Wear it causes us to be constantly aware of it, to stay focused . Giving attention to strive for their goals and means to achieve them. And ‘ necessary to specify that the amulets have the importance that each person gives , if you do not internalize their deep meaning in relation to his own being , it is best not to wear it . In other places of the ‘ Central Asia, Brahmins , Buddhists and Hindus believe that owning these special talismans attract positive energies and amplify the good that already exists. Passed down from generation to generation as a valuable cultural and spiritual heritage of the Theng Ngna ‘ amulets are handmade, unique and personal aimed at preserving its holders from danger , pain, wickedness and risks caused by evil spirits. According to the religious preceptors of the ancient art related to the protection invisible , are a symbol for good luck that protects its owner from disease and other dark forces considered dangerous . For a long time the information about the fascinating objects have remained a privilege of the few wise and knowledgeable of the practices related to ritualiche Bon , the ancestral doctrine that converged with other methods and hidden mystical knowledge in the areas of Qinghai, the historic land of Amdo .