theng_na_baceletInto The shape of amulets tutelary varies according to the creators and their places of origin. Highly sought are those made ​​by artisans and shamans of Bhutan, Tibet, Qinghai and the area of ​​Mustang. The legends of ancient peoples are not sufficient to meet the obsession of archaeologists, anthropologists and western scholars who have long been working to find out how much truth is there in this story and how it has originated this myth handed down from generation to generation during many centuries. The classics of Hung-Chang Shih support the theory of the treasure of the Persian King brought home from the Tibetan warriors who won an impressive series of wars. Popular belief has mythologized the wonderful artifacts, people in rural villages manifested through faith their sacred meaning. The latent energy of  its parts united and bright colors by carrying away, the vigor and vitality of those who through inner conviction, relying on a small amulet their safety in difficult territories, governed by the elements, places where human survival is put to the test.

“The most beautiful feeling that you can try is the sense of mystery. And ‘This is the source of all genuine art, all science. He who has never experienced this emotion that does not possess the gift of wonder and ecstasy over, so it would be that he was dead: his eyes are closed. “ Albert Einstein